Password Sync with ACTi Cameras


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    Ronen Isaac

    Hi Nick,

    We can add this to the backlog for you.  In the mean time it looks like ACTi has an IP Utility.  If that utility supports changing passwords in bulk then you can bulk change camera passwords in two steps.  First step is to use the IP Utility to update the camera hardware passwords and the second is to use the Boring Toolbox to update all the camera passwords in Milestone.

    1. Use the ACTi IP Utility to change all the passwords on the camera hardware
    2. Log into Boring Toolbox, Go to password manager
    3. Filter the list by camera manufacturer, ACTi (you will notice these are designated as not-syncable)
    4. Select all ACTi cameras that you would like to change the passwords in Milestone
    5. Click Change Password
    6. Set your new password in the dialog
    7. Save and Save
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